Misc Exterior

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Sunroom Addition

Sunroom Additionsunroom, roof, windows, door
Sunroom Additioninterior of sunroom
Sunroom Additionstain treatment of sunroom interior
Sunroom AdditionSunroom exterior
Sunroom AdditionSunroom interior with display ledge
Sunroom AdditionCloseup of interior display ledge

Park Shelter

Park ShelterPark shelter exterrior
Park ShelterCloseup of shelter ceiling


Deck ProjectPergola and retaining wall
Deck ProjectPergola
Deck ProjectPergola closeup
Deck ProjectPergola
Deck ProjectPergola
Deck ProjectPergola

Exterior Addition

Deck ProjectDistant picture of exterior project
Deck ProjectUnder Staircase
Deck ProjectStaircase
Deck ProjectStaircase and exterior ceiling
Deck ProjectFireplace and seating area
Deck ProjectSitting area of exterior project

Front Entrace, Porch, Railing

Deck ProjectPillars, concrete, roof
Deck ProjectFront Porch, Railing and Pillars
Deck ProjectWood railing and concreate steps

Complete Backyard

Deck ProjectPatio, Pergola, Deck
Deck ProjectRetaining wall & Firepit
Deck ProjectStaircase extention from deck

Bay Window

Bay WindowBay window before/after