Home Improvement

Schmuhl Construction can update and customize your entire house, inside and out.

Home Improvement Services Include:

Hand Drill
  • Carpentry
  • Concrete work
  • Countertops
  • Crown Moulding
  • Deck repair, refinishing, staining
  • Door installation & repair
  • Electrical wiring & repair
  • Fence & gate repairs
Wheel Barrow
  • Flooring and tile installation
  • Gutters
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Siding & exterior trim repair
  • Storage design
  • Tile & Stone
  • Window repair & replacement
Improvements are often considered because they provide an immediate improvement to the usability of your home. But consider the other benefits of completing home improvement projects.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Home improvement can be more than just a quick fix; it can also increase your home's value. Making improvements can quickly increase the home's value and marketability. This can be especially beneficial if you're considering reselling your home or if you are interested in taking out equity.

Keeping Your Home in Good Condition

If you're not interested in reselling your home, home improvements can keep your home in good condition. Many homeowners think of rooms that need updating when they think of home improvement; however, systems hidden behind walls and underground are just as important. Regularly checking that your electrical, plumbing, roofing, and heating and cooling systems are up to date and functioning properly may help you save money by avoiding more serious projects. Home improvements can also help keep your home running efficiently - saving you money on monthly utility bills. With better protections for heat and cold and newer energy efficient appliances, you can see financial returns right away.

Our Experience

We're confident the combination of our technical expertise, and our customer-focused approach can meet or exceed your expectations. Our philosophy is that each home improvement project is unique. We take the time to fully evalute each situation and LISTEN to our clients. We are able to provide you with a complete choice of available options and recommendations for materials. We'll get the project done on time, with the correct materials and use the best installation techniques.